WARWICK, RI – Today, Matthew Hanrahan, spokesman for Ashley Kalus’ campaign for governor, released the below statement following last night’s ProJo/Public’s Radio debate.

The Kalus campaign thanks Ian Donnis, Patrick Anderson, Raymond Baccari, the Providence Journal, the Public’s Radio, and Rhode Island College for their efforts moderating and organizing last night’s debate. 

Hanrahan said, “While Dan McKee spent his time complaining about the distribution of tickets at last night’s debate – which organizers confirmed were distributed fairly –  Ashley offered a clear vision to move our state forward. People are tired of the governor’s stale talking points, which are nothing more than a deflection away from his failed policies. The people of Rhode Island are struggling, and it will take bold, new leadership to get our state back on track and improve the lives of working families. During the debate, one thing was clear, Ashley set herself apart from her opponent. Once again, Dan McKee proved he is not suited to be governor of Rhode Island. We can either continue with constant excuses from our elected leaders or admit that our state has issues and come together to fix our problems. We cannot accept failure any longer – the people of Rhode Island deserve, and should expect, better from those they entrust to lead. Ashley will undoubtedly do better. 

“McKee failed to offer a vision on how to get our kids to school in Providence. McKee failed to outline on what basis he is appealing the unconstitutional truck toll decision. McKee failed to promise immediate relief on energy costs that are at a historic high. Mckee is against the ropes with Rhode Islanders and would rather pretend our state has momentum.  

“The governor claimed to call it as it is:

‘If it is raining, I’m gonna tell you it is raining. But when the sun is shining, I’m gonna tell you the sun is shining.’ 

“Well, governor — wake up. Inflation is crushing working people, you are trapping kids in failing schools, and energy costs are forcing people to choose between eating and heating. 

“Ashley will reform our broken education system, ensuring no child is trapped in a failing school. She will lower the income and sales tax because Rhode Islanders know best how to spend their money. She will grow the economy so that everyone has access to high-paying careers. She will use public money for public projects – not corporate welfare like the Pawtucket Soccer Stadium. She will build 80,000 housing units to combat soaring rents. And she will roll back the 47% electric rate hike – because no Rhode Islander should be stuck footing the bill for Dan McKee’s inaction. 

“If you’re sick and tired of do-nothing politicians falling flat on their promises, join our movement. Join Ashley Kalus for a better, more prosperous Rhode Island.”