WARWICK, RI – Ashley Kalus, the Republican nominee for governor, released the below statement following Rhode Island Commerce Corporation Board’s vote to approve public financing for the Pawtucket Soccer Stadium.

The project is expected to cost taxpayers more than $67 million.

Kalus said, “Despite Rhode Islanders getting crushed by inflation and our country heading toward a recession, Dan McKee is determined to give out more goodies than a McDonald’s drive-thru. Rather than providing relief to families in need, the McKee Administration seems more concerned with doling out taxpayer dollars to insiders. Time and again we hear from politicians that there’s no money for projects that would have a direct impact on people’s lives, but with $67 million set to be allocated for the Pawtucket Soccer Stadium plus the $41 million for the Superman Building, we know that’s not true. While this governor prioritizes corporate welfare, I’ll cut taxes and regulations for all Rhode Islanders and invest in affordable housing, universal pre-K, college tuition assistance, and the blue economy.”

Ashley Kalus is a mom, successful small business owner, Golden Gloves boxing champion, and political outsider. A resident of Newport, she is ready to fight for the people of Rhode Island.