WARWICK, RI – Today, Ashley Kalus, the Republican nominee for Governor, announced that Governor Lincoln Almond has endorsed her campaign.

Almond and Kalus released the below statements following the endorsements.

Almond said “Today, I am pleased to announce my support for Ashley Kalus to serve as Rhode Island’s next governor. Speaking from experience, I cannot overstate the importance of having an ambitious and proven leader to serve as the Chief Executive and Commander in Chief of the state. Ashley has a plan to reform our education system and provide children across the state with a world-class education, regardless of their zip code. She brings a fresh perspective to revitalize our economy, lower taxes for families struggling to make ends meet, and create a more competitive environment to help our small businesses thrive. Ashley has a deep commitment to open and transparent government, and she will usher in a new era of good governance that is focused on delivering efficient and quality services to all Rhode Islanders. I am asking Rhode Island voters to join me in supporting Ashley Kalus for governor.”

Kalus said “I am humbled to have Governor Almond’s support. In addition to being an incredibly kind and thoughtful man — Governor Almond was a beacon of leadership during his tenure. We both share a vision of reducing the tax burden on Rhode Islanders and helping provide relief to families across the state. As governor, he was a champion of lowering the state income tax — and I look forward to building on that work.

“Our campaign has started a movement — and it is clear momentum is with us as we head into the final weeks. I am committed to delivering results for all Rhode Islanders — regardless of party affiliation. It is time to put people over party.”