WARWICK, RI – Yesterday, Ashley Kalus, the Republican nominee for Governor, celebrated the court’s ruling on truck tolls with Rhode Island Trucking Association CEO Christopher Maxwell.

Kalus and Maxwell released the below statements following their meeting.

Kalus said, “The court’s decision yesterday ruling Rhode Island’s truck tolls unconstitutional is a huge win for consumers and businesses, both large and small. The trucking industry has been crushed by soaring inflation and skyrocketing fuel prices, and tolls were yet another burden business owners were forced to bear, which then fell on consumers. Yesterday’s ruling means more truckers can remain on the road and continue to render their vital services to the state. Without their tireless efforts, our supply chain could not be sustained, and our store shelves would run bare. I will always stand with the trucking industry, and for clarification, a Kalus administration will not appeal the court’s ruling in this case – a commitment Dan McKee has yet to make. I was thrilled to celebrate yesterday’s victory with Rhode Island Trucking Association CEO Christopher Maxwell. We discussed the future of the trucking industry in Rhode Island and how the state can help promote a more collaborative working relationship with his association’s members.” 

Maxwell said, “We were grateful to share some time with Ashley yesterday. Her visit to our new headquarters, was coincidental to the truck-tolling verdict, but enabled us to get to know Ashley, her vision for the state, and share the needs of our membership, which is comprised of Rhode Island’s small business owners. On the matter of tolling, she clearly understood the impact of this egregious scheme had on Rhode Island businesses; agrees with the verdict; and will take the lead in tamping down any notion of retooling this failed program – a real concern that all Rhode Islanders should have when casting their votes in November.”              

Press is permitted to use the photo included in this release.