WARWICK, RI – Today, Ashley Kalus, the Republican nominee for Governor, commented publicly on Dan McKee’s decision to provide his cabinet members with inappropriate pay raises.

Kalus stated, “Dan Mckee’s raise proposals demonstrate a governor who is entirely out-of-touch with working people and displays incompetence when making the best decisions for Rhode Islanders. His recent actions to pull back and cave to public pressure regarding the raises shows that only now is he understanding the ramifications of such a decision and the effects it would have on the taxpayers he is supposed to serve. Our state deserves a governor who understands the impact of his or her actions before making decisions.

“These pay raises show who Dan McKee is really working for — political appointees get more money while regular Rhode Islanders get the largest energy price hike in state history. Dan McKee knows better; as mayor he stood up to the energy companies — as Governor, he just doesn’t care.”

On Tuesday, September 20, Dan McKee announced that he intends to give members of his cabinet up to a forty-three percent (43%) raise.