WARWICK, RI – Today, Ashley Kalus, the Republican nominee for Governor, released the below statement following Dan McKee’s blaming of gas station owners for the cost of fuel.

Kalus said, “The poll must be in. While it’s about time Dan McKee shows some concern over rising gas prices, you don’t get a do-over in politics. It’s too little, too late. Rhode Islanders have been asking career politicians, like Dan McKee, to suspend the gas tax since March – it’s now mid-August. This sounds more like the boy who cried, ‘Wolf.’

“If Dan McKee actually talked to any convenience store owners, they would tell him they make little money on gas, sometimes even losing money. They make their money on customers coming inside the store. And with the rise of gas prices, less people travel, which means less people enter a store to buy food and drinks.

“Price gouging is a tired talking point of Democratic governors that have failed to help working families as they struggle to afford to fill up their tank. Skyrocketing prices at the pump are a direct result of the Democrats’ anti-energy policies that have stunted domestic production. The Keystone Pipeline was canceled, oil and gas leases and permits were canceled and/or suspended, and senseless regulations were passed which caused this crisis.”

Ashley Kalus is a mom, successful small business owner, Golden Gloves boxing champion, and political outsider. A resident of Newport, she is ready to fight for the people of Rhode Island.