WARWICK, RI – Today, Matthew Hanrahan, spokesman for Ashley Kalus’ campaign for governor, responded to Dan McKee’s blatantly false ad.

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Campaign spokesman Matthew Hanrahan said, “Ashley has been clear from the very start – abortion rights were codified in Rhode Island in 2019, and she will not do anything to weaken those protections for women. She has said this time and again throughout the campaign – including in numerous forums, which Dan McKee personally attended. Dan McKee’s new attack ad is baseless, unfactual, and filled with flat-out lies. Dan is clearly getting desperate. 

“Ashley would not support any effort to overturn the 2019 law. She stands with the overwhelming majority of Rhode Islanders, 77%, that do not support taxpayer-funded abortions.

“Ashley Kalus is a proud mother, successful business owner, and a visionary that is laser-focused on making Rhode Island the most affordable state to live, work, and raise a family.

“Dan McKee is in pure desperation mode. The last two weeks have been a disaster for his campaign, and for the last three days, his issue with women has come to light. With Election Day nearing – and the walls closing in on him – he is throwing his Hail Mary.

“Dan McKee trying to paint Ashley Kalus as a radical extremist is a pathetic attempt to distract voters from the FBI’s investigation into his administration, his handing out of $60 million in corporate welfare to the Pawtucket Soccer Stadium, the $40 million for the Superman Building, the $60,000 raises for his staff, and his failure to protect Rhode Islanders from a 47% electricity rate hike.”

Kalus’ Initial Response to Roe Decision:

McKee’s claims:

“Take us backwards” – where is the citation? This is blatantly false.

“Oppose a woman’s right to choose” – where is the citation? This is blatantly false.

“Limit abortion access” – where is the citation? The law is codified. This is blatantly false.

Text of Ashley’s response video can be found below:

I empathize with women who are afraid for the future of their reproductive health…

Let’s be clear, the decision overturning Roe vs. Wade will have no impact here… Abortion was codified into our state law in 2019… 

The vast majority of Rhode Islanders supported that law, which rejected extreme positions on both sides of this deeply personal issue…

Dan McKee knows this… so why is he lying?

It’s because he’s a desperate, career politician who’s afraid of losing…

That’s exactly why I’m running…