McKee campaign under fire for lies

Governor McKee and his campaign find themselves under fire for misleading the public and the press regarding the release of public school test scores, as his Republican challenger Ashley Kalus is pounding McKee as either a liar or incompetent buffoon. McKee has pivoted to his usual “the press is making a big deal over this” while attempting to change the subject. Kalus has truly gotten under his skin of McKee and has three weeks remaining to hammer home her message to try and close the gap in a bitter race. McKee is leading in the polls but the lead is now in single digits and his camp is going in the bunker for the next two weeks to attempt to stop the bleeding. Governor McKee is coming off a rough week that saw him land in the hospital and then him taking a beating in two debates.  McKee ended the week in disaster as CH 12 discovered his lie over the test scores. Ouch. How bad are things? Sources claim the McKee campaign decided the “LT Governor has COVID” to cancel her only debate in an attempt to go under the radar and not cause any controversy. Canceling due to COVID is the 2022 excuse to avoid anything. McKee seems rightfully leery of Kalus, as someone who can make this race much closer than it should be due to her money, tenacious attacks with plenty of time on the calendar. Did McKee lie? When he looked into the camera and said “we don’t have the test score,” nobody thought he meant not in his pocket. The decision to be sneaky and hold off on releasing test scores until after the election has caused Governor McKee another self-inflicted wound with nobody to blame but himself.