WARWICK, RI – Today, Ashley Kalus, the Republican nominee for Governor, released the below statement following WPRI’s report confirming that the Rhode Island Department of Education has already been sent the latest RICAS scores.

The report can be found here

Kalus said, “On Tuesday night, Dan McKee looked into the camera during WPRI’s debate and lied to the people of Rhode Island. His claim that the state did not yet have the latest RICAS scores has been proven false. He intentionally misled every parent and teacher in our state for political preservation. Dan McKee intentionally, willingly, and knowingly deceived the very people he swore an oath to serve. If we cannot trust this governor to tell the truth about matters relating to our children, how can we believe anything that comes out of his mouth? 

“Dan McKee’s ability to lie with such confidence and arrogance should tell you all you need to know about him as a leader. During the debate, when I pressed him to release the scores, he condescendingly stated, ‘I am not sure she understands what I am saying — I do not have the scores.’ 

“He lacks moral character and is incompetent. This must be the final straw — our kids cannot afford to be held back because of his cowardice. Dan McKee is unfit for public office. 

“The governor must make these scores immediately available. If you want to play politics with me, that’s fine — but how dare you do it with our children’s education.”