McKee’s Refusal to Commit to Debates

The Challenge:
Today, Ashley Kalus challenged Governor Dan McKee to 4 broadcasted debates before early voting begins on October 19.

Kalus stated, “We just saw how early voting accelerates the election calendar. That’s why I’m challenging Dan McKee to four debates, broadcast statewide, before early voting starts on October 19th. Voters deserve to make an informed choice. I will debate him anywhere, anytime, so long as it is broadcast statewide. Voters need to know how he is failing them in every aspect of government. I’m ready, Dan. Are you?”

The Response:

Unsurprisingly, Governor Mckee’s team responded to media inquiries by saying that he would not yet commit to debates stating, “we’re reviewing our general election debate plans and will have more on that soon.” A sitting governor should have no hesitation agreeing to discuss the issues facing Rhode Island with his opponent.

Following blowback from his initial response, the governor’s campaign tried to clean up its answer. Per WPRI’s Ted Nesi, McKee now says he will do TV debates this fall, but hasn’t settled on which ones and when. It is clear the governor will attempt to wait as long as possible to debate Ashley Kalus.

The Conclusion:

Dan McKee is scared to debate Ashley Kalus. And there are plenty of reasons he should be — an FBI investigation, failing schools, soaring energy prices, and indefensible giveaways to real estate moguls and union bosses.

It’s time for Dan McKee to answer for the disastrous policies his administration has pushed.