State of the Race – Rhode Island Governor’s Race

Ashley Kalus – Pathway to Victory 

Ashley is uniquely positioned to win the governor’s race come November. She has an extraordinary life story, has support across ALL parties, and has a powerful message for ALL Rhode Islanders.

Money is the mother’s milk.

Ashley is in a commanding financial position. As of the last financial disclosure report, she is leading McKee by nearly half a million dollars.

Rhode Island Opportunity.

Rhode Island is one of the best gubernatorial pick-up opportunities in the country. Currently, Rhode Islanders feel like we are on the wrong track. President Biden is upside down and Governor McKee is the least popular governor in the country – with only a 38% approval rating – all while being under FBI investigation. Last night, over 67% of Democrats voted AGAINST Dan McKee. The only reason he won is because he handed out bonuses to labor and was the deciding vote to build a soccer stadium which got him the labor endorsement. The clear majority of Democrats are looking for an alternative to Dan McKee.

Ashley is self-made and extremely qualified.

Ashley Kalus came from nothing. She worked her way through college eventually graduating from UMass Amherst with dual degrees and has Master’s Degrees from Columbia and the London School of Economics. She was most recently a business consultant and health care executive. She is a mom of three school aged boys and understands the struggles Rhode Islanders are facing.

McKee is vulnerable

Failed career politicians like Governor McKee continue to represent the very worst of our state. While a decent mayor, he has been corrupted by power. He is under investigation by the FBI, the U.S. Attorneys General office, the Rhode Island Attorneys General Office, and the Rhode Island State Police.

His first Chief of Staff had to resign in disgrace over a land deal where the Attorney General said he used “poor judgment.” His second Chief of Staff was sued by the EDC for the 38 Studios fiasco and his law firm had to pay a more than 4 million dollar fine. And his DMV Director was under surveillance for having a massage parlor in his commercial building.

McKee has ethics violations, campaign finance violations, has failed to file financial disclosures, and, not surprisingly, has violated the Open Meetings law.

We. Deserve. Better.

A formidable political operation

Beside heavy investments in media and digital assets, the Kalus campaign has invested significant resources in its field operations. This is a program never seen in Rhode Island in any other cycle. Don’t be surprised if we are at your door over the next 2 months.

Powerful message

For too long, career politicians, insiders, and lobbyists have ruined our state’s economy and left the taxpayers holding the bag. Ashley knows in order to get our state back on track we need to give the power back to the people.

Cross-over appeal

Ashley not only appeals to Independents, but she appeals to Democrats as well. Her message of a world-class education for every child – no matter their zip code, making Rhode Island more competitive, keeping more of our money in our paychecks, lowering energy costs, building affordable housing, making the necessary investments in our infrastructure, reducing college costs for students, protecting our seniors, providing the necessary resources for our veterans who put their life on the line for us, and most importantly, leading in the Blue Economy, has resonated with ALL Rhode Islanders.

While Dan McKee will most certainly run a nasty campaign of a failed politician trying to hold onto power – Ashley will run a campaign of vision and substance. A campaign that’s a competition of ideas and policies. A campaign that will give Rhode Islanders hope once again. This is the time to write the greatest chapter in Rhode Island’s history.


This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get this state back on track.

Rhode Island must choose a path –

Do we continue with constant excuses, or fix our problems,

Do we harp on our failures, or build upon our strengths,

Do we continue old partisan fights, or band together for ALL of Rhode Island.

If we have the political will, this will be a period of unparalleled success for Rhode Island. A moment of unlimited potential.